April 9, 2011

Kristi & Jakes Wedding Flowers

Kristi's bouquet is designed with red roses, red gerbers, red ranunculus, red anemones, red tulips, air brushed black mini callas and fern curls, accented with black ti leaves, hand tied and bound in a black satin ribbon with white pearl accents. I loved that they wanted to add some different flowers to a traditional color palette. Their event flowers were lovely. All of these gorgeous shots were taken by Heather Bliss

Jakes boutonniere is designed with an air brushed black mini calla and fern curl, red anemone, red seeded eucalyptus, and red leucadendrom bound in black satin ribbon. 

Groomsmen boutonnieres are designed with air brushed black fern curls, a red ranunculus bud, red seeded eucalyptus, and red leucadendrom bound in black & white stripe ribbon. 

Each set of parents had matching flowers. Fathers boutonnieres were designed with anemones, air brushed black fern curls, red leucadendrom, stem wrapped in black satin ribbon. 

Mothers corsages were designed with red & white anemones, red ranunculus, red leucadendrom, and black satin ribbon.

Kristi's throw bouquet....

The cake was designed with red & black anemones, red ranunculus, black air brushed fern curl, and a red gerber daisy....

There were two large centerpieces at the base of the marble staircase designed with white larkspur, white spiders, air brushed black curly willow, red gerbers, red roses, and black ti leaves. 


Evelyn said...

Wow, these are the most stunning flower arrangements I think I have ever seen. Nice work.

Melanie said...

The colors are so bold, the flowers make such a statement. I also love the striped ribbon that was incorporated into the flowers. Beautiful.

Ella Bella Floral said...

Lots of fun personals... great work:)