July 30, 2010

Earth Elements

This was a completely new creation for me! It was an Earth themed bouquet with a lot of natural growing elements one may find in their yard, a field, or in the wild. The bouquet is characterized by a natural habit and seasonal aesthetic. It is arranged with alstromeria, echinacea, carnations, seeded eucalyptus, millet, smokebush, and my personal touch of mini apricots. Stems are finished in twine to complete the Earth themed bouquet. Enjoy!

The boutonniere consisted of echinacea, alstromeria, seeded eucalyptus, and smokebush bound in twine..


Karin's Blog said...

VERY ORIGINAL! You are so talented, everything you make is AMAZING! You must have a gift from the Gods.

Lisa said...

I love the addition of fruit to this bouquet, it really makes it unique.